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When Romney said in the 3rd debate that he favored gender equality in the Muslim world,

a majority of Americans wondered why he didn’t favor it in the US.


1. Women cannot be elders in the Mormon church.  Romney as a lifetime Mormon and bishop for 10 years has tithed to this church and enforced its policies.

2. Romney has flipflopped on abortion and prolife issues with 4 different positions at 4 different times.

First Romney’s position was women should not be allowed by men to have abortions.

Second  he ran for governor in Massachusetts and in order to be elected said women (who could die in childbirth) had the right to control decisions about their own bodies.

Third, after election, he vetoed bills allowing abortion or access to over the counter morning after pills.  (Such contraception takes money away from gynecologists and hospitals.)

Fourth:  Now after many decades of  saying otherwise he in the October 16th debate said women should have access to contraceptives.

3. Ryan authored legislation which would deny abortions to the victims of incest and rape.

4. Romney as bishop enforced the Mormon church policy that single women must be excommunicated or give their baby up for adoption…  Peggy Hayes, victim of this,  has taken her story  to the Boston Globe and BBC.


5. Romney as of Oct 25th has refused to stop endorsing the Indiana senator Mourdock.

6. Ryan voted against equal pay for women who do equal work
Romney has refused to say if he would have signed the bill which would end the inequality in which women receive an average 77 cents in salary for every dollar a man makes.

7. Romney from the Boston Phoenix receives another Pinocchio award for claiming he initiated the search for women  http://blog.thephoenix.com/BLOGS/talkingpolitics/archive/2012/10/16/mind-the-binder.aspx


Senator from Ohio Sherrod Brown has effectively supported the rights of midwives.

Footnote: This poster has never had an abortion, but believes that it is women, not men, who risk our lives in childbirth.


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