A Short Biography Of Romney Family Corruption user img

Romney with the help of Mormon church money buys Bain Capital…. after raiding corporate assets,stealing pension funds, filing for bankruptcy and firing workers he makes 250 million dollars.  Can such a man be trusted with the Social Security Fund?  It was his Republican predecessor Reagan who in 1983 removed by executive order 2 TRILLION from the Social Security Fund (where are these funds banked?) and put it in the general fund in order to triple military spending for his patron

General Electric and other war profiteers.  (a Newt Gingrich documentary on Romney’s Bain Capital of which Romney was the 100% stockholder until 2002)


While at Bain he purchases the illegal conglomerate Clear Channel, putting in place those whose paychecks are signed Bain Capital and who know their on air and news jobs depend on promoting his candidacy.

The Mormon church had already purchased a 1400 station radio network called Bonneville, one which forcefeeds warmonger Rush Limbaugh to the public.

During the Republican primaries Romney operatives commit vote fraud in 20 primaries against other candidates, with Ron Paul receiving the brunt of the fraud.

Romney operatives keep Governor Gary Johnson out of the Republican primary debates. They hire spies to follow Johnson everywhere. They are successful in only 2 states in keeping Governor Gary Johnson, 2 term governor of Mexico, off the ballot. These are Michigan and Oklahoma.  Romney was governor 4 years, Johnson 8. Romney’s wealth was from theft. Johnson’s was from starting his own company in college from a 1 person employee… and growing it to a company of 1000.


McCain operative Nathan Sproul, whose ‘nonpartisan’ voter registration drive threw away Democratic registrations in 8 Western states in 2008, is back at work for Romney in 2012 in Eastern and swing states. his fellow Republican criminal Colin Small arrested in Richmond Virginia for following Nathan’s example and throwing away Democratic registrations.

Romney gives his son Tagg 10 million dollars with which to start the Solamere private equity firm with his 2 partners, Zwick, Romney’s chief fundraiser, and another Bain Capital associate. Romney and his 2 partners join another company H.I.G. (of which Romney his wife and 2 sons are major investors) and purchase voting machines in 5 swing states. Romney’s Solamere does the software programming of the voting machines.

Two of the several Republican voting machines which control more than 81% of the voting machine market are ESS and Dominion, the former Republican owned and the latter owned by a conservative Canadian corporation.   Why Ireland scrapped their voting machines

Why is Romney 20 points behind where he was governor and 7 points behind where he lived (Michigan)?

Romney was board member of Damon, a company indicted for Medicare fraud and fined 83 million dollars.

2 . Romney under public scrutiny ended his Swiss bank relationship.

3 . Romney is still evading taxes with Cayman Islands accounts though after criticism he has ended his Swiss bank accounts.

4. In Massachusetts, Romney cut taxes only for the very rich.

5. Romney as head of Bain Capital bought Clear Channel radio network, itself a network in violation of original FCC rules. Therefore his radio station hosts are promoting his campaign 24×4.

6. Romney has raised over a billion dollars for his campaign which means that after November 6th, he will have profiteered from all the ads that his campaign, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and Sheldon Adelson have run on Clear Channel stations.

7. Republicans control over 81% of the voting machine companies in the US. Diebold sold its machines to Dominion of Canada which arranged for Governor Walker’s recall. Election Systems and Software CEO Chuck Hagel installed himself as a US senator from Nebraska, counting his own votes. What other country allows the party of the rich to control the count?

8. Romney’s tax plan would give 500 billion in tax cuts to 120,000 families. 10. Romney is 20 points behind where he was a governor (Massachusetts) and 7 points behind where he lived (Michigan).


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