On July 29, 2007, the Boston Globe wrote of the terrible economic record of Romney in his 4 years as governor


Video of Romney’s loss of jobs and increase of deficit in Massachusetts


Romney’s 844 Vetoes

Romney: no elevators for handicapped.. but elevators for his cars

Romney vetoes

Romney’s Clean Energy whoppers

707 of Romney’s 844 vetoes overridden

Romney vetoed money for housing for the homeless

Romney was on the board of a company which pled guilty to mass Medicare fraud.

Romney said ‘let the foreclosure crisis hit rock bottom

More on Romney’s 4 years as an elected politician

 Romney Ryan Animal Abuse Record

Romney’s Family Busting in Massachusetts

8 Of The Many Countries to Whose Corporations Romney Has Ties…

Peggy Hayes threatened with excommunication by Romney for not giving her baby to the Mormon church for adoption.

Romney said Bain Capital would ‘harvest’ companies

Romney fraud in 20 states stealing primary elections


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