8 Of the Countries To Whose Corporations Romney Has Connections

Romney’s foreign contributions are a violation of Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution as are Paul Ryan’s.
1 Romney is the candidate of the Chinese government. Republican representative Duncan Hunter of San Diego has publicized Romney’s treason. Romney tried to force the Pentagon to give contracts to Huawei, a Chinese corporation connected to the Chinese army which would have cost security and jobs. Romney started factories in China after firing workers in the US.
2 .Romney is supported by the UK’s British Petroleum which dumped trillions of gallons
of oil and Corexit, a neurotoxin, into the Gulf of Mexico, one of the corporations which started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Romney wants to double BP’s offshore drilling permits though they caused the Gulf Oil spill.
3 Romney is supported by the Netherland’s Royal Dutch Shell, one of the corporations which started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a corporation which has been polluting the Niger Delta for decades. Despite that, Romney wants to double their offshore drilling permits.
4 Romney is supported by TransCanada, a corporation in Canada, the sole owner of the pipeline with which they are trying to pollute the US Despite the fact that TransCanada has still not cleaned up its tar spill in Michigan, Romney
wants their pipeline to cut the US in half.
5 Romney is connected financially to the Mormon Church in the US which helped fund his
purchase of Bain Capital. In return he has contributed toward the purchase of their
church owned cattle ranches and other businesses. In addition he is the major recipient of nine tenths of a billion dollars in contributions from pharmaceutical, chemical, slaughterhouse, insurance, hospital, war profiteer, warmonger media and other corporations.
6. Romney is connected to the hawkish prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. He told Netanyahu the nuclear option was not off the table. Romney has received a 100 million dollar pledge from Sheldon Adelson, billionaire owner of the Israeli newspaper Hayom as well as of gambling casinos in China, Singapore, and Nevada.
7. Romney is connected to Swiss banks through his accounts.
8. Romney is connected to the Cayman Islands through his accounts.

Ended connection:
1  Romney has bought and then sold the German company Behring.

Seen on an anonymous website:
Which company creates hell for its workers and animals?
turn 710 77345 upside down


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