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Romney Helps Fund Florida Environmental Pollution

Cow calf ranches often keep calves in cages

Cow calf ranches often keep calves in cages


Romney’s Tithing Helps Fund The Biggest Cow-Calf Operation In the US.

Romney was for 10 years a bishop of the Mormon church which owns the nation’s biggest cow calf operation and Florida’s biggest cattle ranch, Deseret, whose 300,000 acres sprawl over 3 counties, whose pollution has caused county water boards to be involved. The Deseret ranch has 44,000 cows and steers. Whips are used on the calves (baby cows) who are referred to as ‘head’. The people of Osceola have temporarily lost to Deseret Ranch over the issue of drilling for water which has reduced the precious water table and affected water purity as colon waste from the cows, insecticide runoff, salmonella, animal urine containing residue of their female hormones and antibiotics are some of the toxins dumped. The Mormon church owns many businesses, more than any other sect. Such animal agriculture investments cause the populace heart disease, cancer, arthritis, kidney disease, food poisoning, strokes and other animal flesh generated conditions, as well as global heating, energy waste, drought through deforestation, and animal agony.

Some of the money Romney stole from the pension funds of workers whose businesses he sent into bankruptcy…. has gone into his contributions to businesses such as Deseret.
Deseret makes deserts.

Florida is just one of several states in which the Mormon church owns cattle, sheep ranches, factory farms. Members of many faiths run ranches, factory farms. The difference is that only the Mormon Church as a centralized institution owns these ranches and factory farms outright and aligns its church to the pollution, human disease, deforestation, and animal agony associated with them.
Is anyone investigating whether or not these businesses are fraudulently claiming tax exemption?

According to Wikipedia, Mormon church owned ranches in Central Florida “include several organizations including Deseret Ranches of Florida, Deseret Cattle and Citrus, Taylor Creek Management, East Central Florida Services, Agreserves, and Farmland Reserve. Located 7 miles (11 km) east of the Orlando International Airport and 19 miles (31 km) west of Cape Canaveral, Florida. Currently, Deseret Ranches is the largest cow-calf ranch in the United States.”
In the picture, one can see the barren life for the cows as well as the drought consequences of high volume cattle ranches.

Please multipost and email the above article which is in the public domain.

Deseret pictures are often copyrighted. The picture above is of calves kept in these cages.




2 Florida’s beaches in the panhandle and further south were affected by the latest BP oil spill. Tar balls, oil, and neurotoxic Corexit killed marine mammals, birds, fishes.. Mitt Romney wants to double the offshore drilling permits. The trillions of gallons of Corexit dumped by BP to break up the oil made fish consumption more lethal. Romney has also pushed for offshore drililng off the coast of Virginia many of whose coastal residents depend on the tourism industry.

3 Mitt Romney and Governor Scott of Florida (like Governors Kasich of Ohio and Walker of Wisconsin) are tied to the oil industry. All three governors returned hundreds of millions of dollars in mass transit money to the federal government.  Cars kill many times the animals that trains kill… in roadkill, in oil exploration.


1 In 2012, only 9 US states have had governors committing gubernatorial murder. 8 of these states have Republican governors. 41 states are not involved in government murder, nor are 88% of the world’s countries. Florida and Ohio are 2 of the 9 states. Mitt Romney sought unsuccessfully to bring capital punishment to Massachusetts, a state which has repudiated him ever since he was governor.


Romney was on the board of Damon, a company fined 83 million dollars for Medicare fraud. Romney and Ryan want to voucherize, privatize Medicare, opening the populace to exploitation by insurance companies, hospitals, HMO’s, doctors whose primary drive is money and the profit motive. Romney’s record of using bankruptcy as a tool to seize corporate assets and pension funds indicates he should not be trusted with the nation’s Social Security Trust Fund. Ronald Reagan in 1983 made the first assault on that fund, by executive order transferring TWO TRILLION dollars to the general fund which he used to triple war profiteer spending with a great deal of money going to his sponsor General Electric, which is still one of the nation’s biggest war profiteers.


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