Romney Avoids Talking About Coal Miner Deaths


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Romney promotes coal… yet never speaks of miners’ deaths as they are

  • blown apart in methane explosions,
  • crushed in cave-ins 
  • die of gradual suffocation from black lung disease.
  • They sometimes drown from flooding of underground caves.
  • Their fingers, hands, toes, arms, legs are crushed in conveyor belts or other equipment.
  • The noise is incessant and causes hearing loss.
  • They live without sunlight or fresh air.

Those coal miners who support Romney are like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.

Footnote: Picture denotes a coal mine owner such as Massey who had just killed 25 miners.




Re miners’ fatal injuries:

Common causes
of fatal injury include rock fall, fires, explosions, mobile
equipment accidents, falls from height, entrapment and
electrocution. Less common but recognized causes of
fatal injury include flooding of underground workings,
wet-fill release from collapsed bulkheads and air blast
from block caving failure. The systematic application of
risk management techniques has contributed to a
substantial decline in injury frequency rates in developed
nations. Further improvement, however, is required to
reach rates tolerable to the broader community. The
review by Joy in this issue (pp. 311–315) covers system
safety and risk management in mining.
Noise is almost ubiquitous in mining. It is generated by
drilling, blasting, cutting, materials handling, ventilation,
crushing, conveying and ore processing.Controlling noise
has proven difficult in mining and noise-induced hearing
loss remains common [5,6]. The review by McBride in
this issue (pp. 290–296) gives a detailed account of noise
and noise-induced hearing loss in mining.


Article and picture source


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